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The Soil Resources Program at Colorado State University provides invaluable soils information to National Park Service resource managers.

Soil is a System

Over most of the Earth’s land lies a thin layer of soil—a complex and variable mixture of minerals, air, water, decaying remains of life, and countless living organisms. The Earth’s “skin” is not one soil, but many soils—each with its own story. Tens of thousands of different soils cover the continents.

Scientifically, we define the terrestrial membrane as the pedosphere. This skin only develops when there is a dynamic interaction between the atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere and the hydrosphere. The pedosphere is the foundation of life on this planet and needs to be uniquely recognized as the key and perhaps most dynamic interface of all terrestrial ecosystems. The pedosphere and the soil bodies with them need to be studied, valued, enhanced and treated in a sustainable and an ethical manner.

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Each year, we complete a variety of studies and analyses for the National Park Service's Soils Program. Find out more! Global Change Topics Soil Degradation Topics Soil Preservation Topics Soil Preservation Topics


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